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School Standards Board

Welcome to Lime Tree Primary School from the School Standards Board (SSB).   

What we do

We provide the local governance function for our school and fit within the overall governance structure of GLF Schools. Further information about governance at GLF Schools can be found here.

The SSB is made up of volunteers from the school community (including parents) as well as an Education Partner from GLF, our Clerk and the Head Teacher.  We meet every half term, carry out monitoring visits to the school and are in regular contact with the school leaders.

It is a privilege to share in the passion of the school leaders who put your children at the heart of everything they do. 

The Chair of the SSB may be contacted via the Head Teacher or in confidence through the school office.

As the SSB, it is our duty to:

  1. ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. hold leaders to account for the education performance of the school and the children, and the performance management, including well-being, of staff; and
  3. oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent.

In carrying out our duties as an SSB, we use our school values to inspire, challenge and support each other to achieve success.  

To view the membership, business interests and meeting attendance for our SSB members, please click on the following link: GLF Schools Register of Interests - Google Sheets

How we use our school values:  


  • we make sure we read the material for our meetings, attend our meetings and take responsibility for following up on actions that come out of the meetings;
  • we take responsibility for our own development as governors and attend training to address any skill gaps where this may help us to carry out effective governance;


  • we respect each other at our meetings and in our communication with each other, listening to each other and appreciating everyone’s contribution;
  • we share the workload of governance, splitting out tasks and areas of responsibility so that every member of the SSB has a manageable workload;


  • we challenge the school leaders to effectively demonstrate that the children are achieving the best outcomes possible;
  • those of us who are volunteers are not education specialists, show courage in asking questions when we do not understand what the school leaders are telling us, to ensure we are in the best position to hold the school to account. 


  • we dedicate a significant amount of our own time to our SSB work, setting an example to the children that our community matters and inspiring them to help their community;


Who we are

Members of the School Standards Board (SSB):

Parent Members
  • Mrs Kate Ma (Chair) - contact
  • Mrs Rebecca Mullard (Vice Chair)
Ordinary Members
  • Mrs Sarah Lord
  • Ms Jacky Shackel 
Head Teacher
  • Mrs Claire Williamson
GLF Schools Central Team Member
  • Mr Tim Rogers (Education Partner)
SSB Clerk
  • Mrs Sarah Morgan


SSB School Values Award  

We are proud that Lime Tree Primary School’s values run through everything the school does. We want to share in the celebration of our school values and so we have introduced the SSB School Values Award.   

Every term, a member of the SSB will present an award to one child from each year group, and one member of staff who has consistently demonstrated the school values.  The School Council will select the awards recipients from staff and pupil nominations and the SSB will present the awards at a celebration assembly.

We are so excited to celebrate your children’s success.