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GLF Schools

GLF Schools was founded in 2012 in order to enable the federation of Glyn School (an academy in 2011) and Danetree Junior School. Together, we began our journey to become a MAT of more than 1000 talented staff working with over 10,000 children in 40 schools across 5 regions in southern England.

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School Uniform

School Uniform and Personal Appearance

Please see the table below for the school's uniform list, including details of required and optional uniform requirements, and where to buy specific items. 

Our school uniform provider is Your Image -

Your Image stocks a range of items, but other than those listed below, all other items are optional. 

Families can now decide when it is appropriate to wear items deemed more appropriate for Summer / Winter wear based on the apparent weather, rather than term dates. For example, if the weather is cold in Summer, your child may choose to wear their skirt/trousers and shirt. 

Second hand uniform is available, please contact the school office if you need any assistance with this. 

FOLT will also hold second hand uniform sales once every half term, of which dates will be added to the school calendar. 

Please ensure all articles of clothing and other items brought to school are clearly marked with the child's name. 

Personal Appearance

Shoulder length hair should, for safety and hygiene reasons, be tied back from the face. Hair accessories should be plain in style and colour.  No jewellery should be worn to school.  If children have pierced ears only plain metal studs should be worn and these must be removed during all PE lessons.

Headwear and Religious Clothing 

Religious headwear may be worn (for religious purposes only) and should either be plain black or green. 

Coats and Bags

In winter, children need a warm waterproof school coat. Denim, leather or fur jackets are not considered suitable for school. In summer an anorak, cagoule or similar should be brought to school when the weather is unsettled.

A Lime Tree Primary School coat is available from Your Image Ltd.  This is an optional item.

Children can choose to buy a Lime Tree school bag from Your Image Ltd or buy a school bag from any high street retailer or supermarket. 


Shoes should be suitable for school wear enabling your child to play safely at playtimes. Children should not wear trainers or boots to school.
We would be very grateful if in the wet weather you would provide your children with their school shoes to change into, rather than ask them to wear plimsolls or Wellington boots in school.