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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 at Lime Tree Primary School



Miss L Chapman KS1 & Year 2 Leader and Class Teacher Eagle Class
Mrs A Freestone Class Teacher (Monday, Thursday, Friday) Owl Class
Mrs P Fegan Class Teacher (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) Owl Class



Learning Support Assistants
Mrs A Jonsson
Mrs S Crutcher


Autumn 1  

Towers, Turrets and Tiaras

Year 2 Autumn 1 picture


Let us head inside the castle walls and travel back in time to find out what life was like for kings, queens, peasants and servants in our first topic ‘Towers, Turrets and Tiaras!’ Meet ‘Rapunzel’ who lives in a tall, tall tower and the wicked witch who locks her away there.  Let us get busy building and designing our own forts and castles. How tall will they be? What will they be made from? What defences should they have? Lots of royal fun to be had!


Autumn 2  

Beat, Band, Boogie

year 2 autumn 2 picture


Oh the Grand Old Duke of York he had 10,000 men….let’s get musical! Name all the instruments in the band and design and make your own shakers to jiggle in time to the beat! Investigate the different materials used for different instruments and investigate their pitches and sounds! Let’s perform songs and performances just like the bear in ‘The Bear and the Piano.’ Get ready to take a bow…the audience will love you!


Spring 1  

Land Ahoy!

year 2 spring 1 picture

Land ahoy me hearties! Get your arrrrrr’s at the ready because this term we will be finding out about all of those rotten pirate adventurers including Captain Cook, Blackbeard and many more. We will also find out about brave heroines such as Grace Darling who faced the stormy seas to save some landlubbers! Did you know…’Pirates Love Underpants!’ Let’s dive in to the story and join them on their adventures…follow the maps and navigate the directions!


Spring 2  

The Scented Garden

year 2 spring 2 picture


Take a stroll outside and smell the beautiful spring flowers because it’s the start of our topic ‘The Scented Garden!’ It’s all about plants and seeds this term and how they grow! Help Jack grow his beanstalk! Plant a bean seed and watch it grow! What conditions will it need? Take in the scent of the herbs we grow and use them in some cooking!



Summer 1  

Muck, Mess and Mixtures

year 2 summer 1 picture


Let’s get messy! This term is all about making marvellous mixtures and working with paint, chalk, foam, sand and clay. What will you create? Which artist inspires you? How does it feel making goo, slime and eruptions? Write instructions to make ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and meet ‘Morris the Mankiest Monster’. Mum’s and Dad’s don’t worry about the mess…it will all come out in the wash!


Summer 2  

year 2 summer 2 picture

It’s finally time to visit the beach and feel the sand in our toes...we’re going to become beachcombers! Let’s explore the rock pools! What will we find? What sort of habitats do the creatures live in? We will have lots of fun inventing our own rock pool homes for many creatures too! Let’s take ‘Traction Man’ on an adventure to the beach! What trouble will he find himself in? Buckets and spades here we come!