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Our School, Our Say .....

At Lime Tree Primary School we value the thoughts and opinions of all pupils within our school. We have introduced the ‘Our School, Our Say' approach, whereby a different matter is discussed fortnightly. After every school council meeting, each member will pose this particular matter to their class, giving every child in the school the opportunity to provide their thoughts, opinions and suggestions to this. This is then shared during the next school council meeting with Mrs Rampertab and Mrs Fulbrook (our Pupil Voice Leaders) and the senior leadership team. The outcome of each matter is shared to the whole class during assemblies. 

From taking into consideration the pupil voice from our school, the very special gold tokens are given out by the senior leadership team. The white tokens are awarded when children are representing our school e.g. sports events, music events, swimming etc. We also have a new British values token. This token is awarded when children explicitly demonstrate one of the British values.

Please see page downloads at the bottom of this page for 'Our School, Our Say' monthly newsletter. 


“Hi I’m Ruby and we agreed that at Lime Tree we want to hear everyone’s voice no matter who they are or where they come from.”


“The thing that matters about you is that you all have  a voice and we value what you have to say!” Shona.


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