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Buddhist Monk Teachings at Lime Tree

As part of our Religious Education learning at Lime Tree, we invited a special guest into school to speak to the Key Stage 2 children about Buddhism. We welcomed Bhante Vimalaramsi, a distinguished American Buddhist Monk with more than 40 years practice in meditation. He is a highly respected meditation teacher who leads retreats in Europe, Asia and North America. He is also the author of several books, and is the American representative to the World Buddhist Summit of Kobe, Japan.


He kindly delivered an assembly sharing his ideas and knowledge about how Buddhist monks and teachers live their lives, how they practice and gave an insight into what meditation is. The staff and children showed great mutual respect and enjoyed taking part in a Question and Answer session at the end. As our Year 5 pupils will be learning about Buddhism when they are in Year 6, it was an engaging and meaningful opportunity for the children to have an insight into a different faith and set of values.


"The key to Buddhism is happiness. All you need to be happy is to smile", Bhante Vimalaramsi.