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Apply to be a Pupil Leader today!

At Lime Tree Primary School, our pupil voice is at the heart of everything that we do. This academic year, we have a wide range of exciting opportunities to encourage children to become pupil leaders in different areas. Pupil leaders will be involved in matters that they have a passion and interest in. They will be actively involved in enhancing different subjects and assisting in improving these areas across the school.

These are the opportunities available:

Role: School Council Role: Science Leaders Role: Library Leader

Job Description:

  • Attending fortnightly meetings
  • In charge of their class’s ‘Our School,
    Our Say’ discussions
  • Speaking in assemblies 
  • Helping to make our school the best
    that it can be

1 child per class (Y1-6)

Job Description:

  • Passion for Science
  • Interest in Eco-friendly matters   
  • Attending half termly meetings
  • Speaking in assemblies

1 child per class year 3-6

Job Description:

  • 1 day a week at lunch time 
  • In charge of keeping the library tidy
    and organised
  • In charge of using Junior Librarian to
    scan books back in to the library when
    they are returned. 

 10 children - Yr 2-6

Role: Sports Captains Role: Play Leaders Role: House Captains

Job Description: 

  • To support with school sporting events e.g.
    setting up and running sports day
  • Speaking in assemblies
  • Interest in participating in a range of sports 

1 KS1 child per house 
1 KS2 child per house 

Job Description:

  • Passion for Science
  • Interest in Eco-friendly matters
  • Attending half termly meetings
  • Speaking in assemblies

1 child per class year 3-6

Job Description: 

  • Help plan house charity events 
  • Help during Enterprise Week 
  • Demonstrate our school values 
  • Contribute new ideas 
  • Celebrate house achievements

Y2-6   1 child per house 

Role: Prefect Role: Digital Leaders Role: Art Ambassadors

Job Description: 

  • Ambassadors for the school 
  • Give visitors/parents tour of the school 
  • Open and hold doors during assembly
  • Support KS1 during wet play 
  • Assisting at school events 
  • Contributing to the tea party 

Y6 only

Job Description: 

  • To set up computers and help in assemblies
  • Audit of hardware 
  • Test new technology equipment 
  • Assist teachers and classmates during lessons
  • Be responsible for equipment 

Y1-6    1 child per class

Job Description: 

  • Passion for art 
  • Coordinating whole school art events
  • Judging art competitions 
  • Participate in assemblies 
  • Share expertise in art club
  • Up-date art displays
  • Attend half-termly meetings

Y3 -6    1 child per class   



The Application Process:

  • Create a letter/ poster/ drawing
  • Clearly write your full name, class and house on the back of your application         
  • Tell us why you are applying for this role
  • Tell us why you are the best person for the role
  • Place your application in the folder named ‘Pupil Leader Applications’ located on the round table in the office area.
  • Ensure you place your application in the correctly labelled sleeve.



Can I apply for more than 1 role?
Yes you can apply for all of the roles that interest you.

Can I be a leader for more than 1 role?
No, you will only be able to be a leader of one subject per year.

I am already a pet carer, can I still apply for these roles?
Yes you can still apply for these roles but your pet carer role would be given to another person, if you are elected for a different role.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to get in touch via the school office.


DEADLINE: Friday 27th September 2019