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Year 5 discover Ancient Eygpt

On Wednesday 6th November Year 5 were transported back in time to …… Ancient Egypt!

We dressed in our costumes. There were Pharaoh’s, Mummies and archaeologists along with Cleopatra of course!

We spent the day on a carousel of activities. We learnt about mummification by mummifying fruit. We scooped out fruit from the outer rind on one half and filled it with salt and bicarbonate of soda. Then we placed it in the tomb of fruit and covered it. We also put a piece of fruit with the rind still on it and covered it. They are now in a deep dark tomb awaiting us to open them up and find out the condition of the fruit. Will it be preserved or will it rot?  We will find out around Christmas time.

We also created Cuffs. These were jewelled bracelets. We used card, gold paint and jewels to make the perfect bracelet for an Egyptian to wear to the afterlife. First we designed our cuffs and incorporated patterns using a wide variety of techniques to ensure that our cuffs were unique and superior enough to be fit to go to the afterlife with us – these will be seen in our Ancient Egyptian Museum later in the Year.

To consolidate our learning we carried out an information hunt, using chrome books to answer a series of questions. The hidden words eventually led us to the location of the prize! The gold hidden in the classroom.

We had a fun, entertaining and informative day which formed the basis of our current curriculum topic – Ancient Egypt.