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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 at Lime Tree Primary School


Mrs A Freestone Class Teacher (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) Brownlee
Mrs M Dunne Class Teacher (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) Brownlee
Miss F Burrows Class Teacher (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday) Farah
Mrs S Rampertab Class Teacher (Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) Farah


Learning Support Assistants
Mrs L Carroll
Mrs S Kerr
Mrs V Parmar
Mr G Withers


Autumn 1

Star Gazers




3...2...1...Blast Off! Get ready to journey through space, dodging asteroids, meteors and comets! Exploring space is one of the greatest adventures humans have ever undertaken. But are we alone or are there other forms of life out there?

Autumn 2


Pyramids (Large)


Temples, tombs and mummies - who were the ancient Egyptians? Come and explore the deep, dark secrets and rituals that lie behind those pyramid walls. What will you find?

Spring 1

Scream Machine



Our topic 'Scream Machine' is not for the faint hearted. Come and join us for a thrill ride through designing our own rollercoasters and theme parks. Will we be able to investigate the forces and mechanisms to keep us safe? How can we make our imaginary parks environmentally friendly? Come and join the ride, if you are brave enough...

Spring 2

The Tudors



Travelling through time, Year 5 is excited to embark on their exploration of Tudor times. We will be meeting key characters, such as Henry VIII and all his wives. Can we use our new found knowledge to recreate one of his famous feasts? Come and find out.


Summer 1

The Mayans

Website Image Y5


Hola Mexico! Discover the mysterious world of the ancient Maya civilization. Get ready to write in their ancient script, make their infamous chocolate recipes and learn all about their curious rituals.  


Summer 2

World Warriors

Yr 5 Summer 2 topic


We are going to raise the school community awareness of the impact of environmental issues on the world. We will consider moving stimulus to support us in writing a balanced argument for change.